Tuesday, March 23, 2010

One Piece 579 Spoiler

Ok ok ok, I admit. I'm late for my spoiler. Anyway, here it is, and I cleaned it up a little.

pic 10
Shanks: ….well done, green marine.
(blurblurblur) The few seconds you bought with your courage…
May have decided the future of the world!!
pic 11
Crowd: That.. that ship is…!!! Why is it here!?
Pirates: It’s the red-haired Shanks!!!
Shanks: I came to end this war!!
pic 4
Marine: It’s Trafalgar Law!! A rookie from the North Blue!!!
He’s the co-perpetrator of Strawhat Luffy of the incident on Shabondy, and it seems he has come to rescue him on his submarine!!

Law: Hurry!! Get both of them aboard!!

pic 5
Teach: Zehahahaha!!! What an awesome power!!
*Marines panicing*
Teach: Come on, Sengoku the Buddha!! The Hero Garp!! Can you stop me!?
Your era will end along with Whitebeard’s!!
pic 6
Pirate: The Pacifistas have come over the crack in the plaza!!
*Tashigi worried about another marine*
Smoker: Get a hang of yourself!! You’ll still live!! You just have to be tended…
VA?: LEAVE HIM BE! We’re still in middle of a war!!
Corner the pirates!!! Crush every last one of them!!
Tashigi: Their spirits is still high!! Marines morale are higher, since they completed their objective….!
pic 7
Tashigi: (Even in victory… they thirst for more!!)
Akainu: Do not forgive this evil called “Piracy”!!!
Teach: No one can stop me now!! I’ll destroy everything, and swallow everything!!
Buggy: eh!?
Kizaru: Leave Strawhat Luffy behind~~!!
Law: It’s Kizaru!!
pic 8
Buggy: Alright!! You take care of them!! (throws Jinbei and Luffy over)
Law: (blur) Jean-Paul!(blur) Let’s submerge!!
(blur bulrblur bulrblur bulr)
*Kizaru teleports next to Law*
Law: Damn it..!
???: Hold right there!!!
Kizaru: …..!?
Marco: …. more marine!?
Akainu: ?
pic 9
Coby?: Let’s stop this!!! Let’s stop this fighting!!
This is… a waste of lives!!
(Every single one of these soldiers have a family to go back to…!)
Our objective is done!! To keep fighting against enemies who have no more intention to fight back…. and pursuing a war that can be ended already…!!
Abandoning soldiers that may still live if they are tended right away…!!
And increasing even more casualties on top of it…!!
The soldiers that’s going to die from now…. this is sheer stupidity!!
(blurblurblur Akainu’s speech about not needing a soldier who doesn’t walk in the way of justice, and attacks Coby)
Coby: AAAAAaaa!!!!

credits: anime-and-manga

Thursday, March 18, 2010

One Piece Manga Chapter 579 Spoilers (Assumptions)

Sengoku, Trafalgar, and Crocodile, you rock!!
I didn't expect that Sengoku will fight the Black Beard Pirates with his pretty cool shock wave.
He's pretty good too, I thought he's not much of a help but, he stopped the BB pirates for a while.
Anyway, I'm expecting a little good fight between Crocodile with the White Beards and that bad ass Akainu.
He never stops pursuing Strawhat. Thank goodness that Trafalgar Law shows up. He could save Luffy and Jimbei from Akainu's attack. Well, there's a big chance that Trafalgar will bring Luffy back to the Sabaody Archipelago and there, he'll meet Rayleigh again. Or perhaps Rayleigh will train Luffy.
Ok, back to the Marine Fold, uhmm.,I haven't seen any of the Shikibukai, and where's Boa Hancock? Isn't she gonna help Luffy? She might "Mero Mero no Mi" Marshall Teach.
Perhaps she's busy fighting other marines.  Anyway, next chapter, there will be a (short) fight
between the White Beards and Akainu, and some of the WB pritates will suffer, and even Marco, coz he's a zoan type not a logia. but there's a big chance that they can stop Akainu from chasing Dragon's son.
And about the Heart Pirates, hmmm, why did you go to the Marine fold? And his only reason is to save Luffy coz it will be too lame if Luffy ends up there? I don't think so. Well, I can't read Oda's mind.
Perhaps, the reason why the Heart Pirates went to the marinefold is to fight the Shikibukai. or perhaps, he will surrender Luffy again to the marines and claim the title of Shikibukai. lol, just imagining things. hahaha., it will never happen, so let's just wait for the next release of One Piece. ggggRrrrr., I can't wait for another week!!
One thing more, I drew that Trafalgar Law there. I'm quite good eh?
here's some of my drawings CLICK HERE

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

One Piece Chapter 578

Once again, I got a new copy of One Piece chapter 578,
thanks a lot mangastream! =>
anyway, as I promised, I'll give you a free clean copy.
So, here it is, its all yours - Download

credits to: Blinktopia and Mangastream

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

One Piece Chapter 578 Spoilers

So based from my predictions below, I conclude that I should stop predicting, non of it happened. lol
Anyway, I got clean real spoiler of One Piece Chapter 578.
I don't know what its says, I don't even know the title of it, but i have a good copy of it and
I googled its translation, good thing I found one!
So here what it says =)

Teach: Zehahahahaha!!! Power!!
I feel power rising from my body!!!
What an amazing ability!!! I could do anything I want with the world!!!
To start... why don't I sink this Marineford...?

Marine: The HQ base is collapsing!!
Retreat from your positions!! It's all over!!!
This fortress of Justice that ha kept this world safe for centuries... look at it now!!
Crowd: The pirate Blackbeard that started this whole war by capturing Fire-Fist Ace.... now has Whitebeard's power!!?
What's gong to happen to this world.!? 

Sengoku: The base.... can be rebuilt.
However... this is MARINEFORD, located near the center of the world...!!
To the people who fear the voilence brought by the evildoers.... there's a reason for us to be here!!!
Justice in the name of Honor shall not perish!!!
Don't you DARE to boast how you will sink this place so easily, you little punk!!

Teach: Zehahaha... well then, why don't you try and protect it?

Marine: what is he.... !!
Teach: eh?
*Sengoku's Buddha Palm ownage*
Teach: !!!?

Blackbeard pirates: GWAAAAA!!!!
Teach: ...!!! It's a.... Shockwave...!!

Sengoku uses his powers and starts a fight with the Blackbeard crew. It
looks like he stops them by himself.
Akainu advances towards Luffy. Inazuma and Ivankov stay back to protect
him while Jinbei grabs Luffy and dives in the water, but Aokiji freezes
the sea.
[something about Akainu going through a body ??] That's when Crocodile launches
Jinbei and Luffy into the air.
Crocodile: "I won't let the Marines do as they wish."
Buggy catches them in the sky.
That moment a ship rises from the middle of the sea and Trafalga Law steps
out of it. "I'll take those guys into custody."

here's the entire chapter..
Be back because i'm giving a clear copy of chapter 578
this next few days. Kudos!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Onepiece Manga Episode 577 Download

Ok Ok Ok, enough with the spoilers. I already have
a good copy of Onepiece manga episode 577, I got it from
a good friend of mine. He's truly a reliable source, "Google" is really my bestfriend. XD
Ok, as i promised, here's your copy. =)

"Go on and tell the world! Every single one of those boring peace-loving commoners!
Marines, the World Government, and pirates! The future of this world has been decided
..zehahahahaha!! that's right, from this point forward! It is my age!!"
                                                                                - Marshall D. Teach (BlackBeard)

credits to: mangastream.com and blinktopia.org

Monday, March 8, 2010

Onepiece Manga Episode 577 Spoilers

Here's a sneak peek about what's happening in Onepiece Episode 577
..Jimbei also wants to die,  he's too tough to face Magma-boy (Sakazuki)
good thing Ivankov is at Jimbeis back..XD
and it seems BlackBeard is in the lead in the Marine Head Quarter even the admirals are there..
anyway, it's just my assumptions, i can't read Japanese =)

Onepiece Manga Episode 577 is expected to be released this week.
be back coz I'm giving a free copy. =p